Dr. Cornelius van de Wall

Dr. Cornelius van de Wall began his education studying biochemistry at the University of British Columbia, eventually going on to pursue his Doctorate of Chiropractic at the University of Western States in Portland, OR. He graduated with highest honours in the DC program, and also holds a Bachelor of Human Biology.

Dr. van de Wall’s practice emphasizes modern research to guide his treatments, ensuring treatment that is both as safe and effective as possible. Following a thorough assessment, treatment options are discussed and will usually include a combination of hands on and home-care techniques depending on your preferences. In addition to adjusting, Dr. van de Wall is trained in a wide variety of other hands on and rehabilitative methods and tailors specific treatments to each individual person. He has particularly focused in training and studying treatment of chronic pain and nerve-related disorders.

Outside the office you can find Dr. van de Wall enjoying the outdoors around Chilliwack through hiking, backcountry skiing, and climbing.